Leo Landa Tango



We always welcome opportunies to perform.

We have danced in shows, at milongas, at private events, in a variety of settings and for different audiences. We take great pleasure in entertaining audiences of tango and non-tango backgrounds with our take on this incredible dance.

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Group lessons

We enjoy sharing our understanding of Argentine tango and some of our secrets in group classes.

Our classes offer an in-depth look at even the most basic of topics. We prefer to run classes as progressive series, so that the concepts can build on each other, and each technique is presented when the appropriate prerequisite techniques are already in place.

We usually teach our progressive series in South Bay, and we usually tightly control class sizes and gender balance to ensure best results and some individual attention to each student.


Private lessons

We offer private and semi-private lessons.

We believe that in a variety of cases a private lesson can be the best way to improve technique or overcome a bad habit. We also believe that the true value of a private lesson is, in no small part, in the newly acquired understanding for many hours of highly effective homework and practice.